• Everyone starts somewhere

    These were my choice of fun & purpose these past 14 years

  • Story of My Life

    Being a hacker is a lifestyle | To me, it's more exciting to jump off a cliff and build the plane on the way down than to build a plane and take off.


    European Parliament

    Started my journey in the European Parliament at age 23.
    I was convinced it's the place to be to do some good.
    It took 3 years to realize that statesman are slow to innovate. While society is changing rapidly governments refuse to acknowledge. I did and walked away.


    Impact Accelerator

    3 years later Hungary's first Impact Accelerator was born. Created with friends. Organizational spirit was awesome, but growth couldn't be sustained. We had a good run for 3 years, 6 batches and 300+ people - awe-inspiring years! Biggest takeaway: ideas are dime a dozen and what's needed is growth.


    Marketing Agency

    So I created a digital marketing agency to learn growth hacking. We've managed to build a successful team with major clients. But came the third year and working for large companies didn't excite us anymore. Started our own spinoffs from dropshipping to creating the local Groupon of Hungary.


    Daystarter Party

    Starting at 6AM - 300 people marching in - to rave and do yoga. This monthly event was a first and mad successful.


    Design Thinking

    I joined my old team to create Hungary's first service design consultancy. Large clients excited me again, until they didn't.



    So I chose passion and turned to nonprofits, built a new team to raise money via the internet using modern automation tools.

  • 🚀 7

    Ready to collaborate with a forward-thinking, dynamic team. I sense that we're at a pivotal moment where we have can reshape our society for the better. Be it through web3, ai, AR, IoT, QC or even digital twins...all we require is Attention!

  • While my Current passion

    Digital marketing for nonprofits | until I find my next tribe

  • ⥁ ongoing 🫶 projects 

    ⥁ My Journey // Your venture ⥀



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    // 7-day

    break from corporate life to experience different perspectives

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    // martech stack

    passion to work on impact projects by making use of martech

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    // 1-on-1

    help identify, clarify and prioritize the next steps to start working remotely

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    // ​5-day

    We don’t just observe reality,

    we co-create it - this time 42 of us

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    // full-time

    Exceptional & like-souled individuals rapid prototyping for impact

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    Online Tools I Use

    // lifetime

    Comming soon!