Digital Marketing Agency

We called it marketInvent 🚀

► ► ► Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency

► ► ► Reached 2.6M Facebook users by single post in Hungary (5M users)

Social was just a new era when starting. Through social, we learnt so much about communication and about human psychology. Leading to engagement and sales.

Today we're building digital customer journeys using unreal martech stack and automation. Check it out 👇
A new kind of agency
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The question remained if you too were social ►

Social is the opposite of broadcast.

Broadcast is about telling people things.

Social is about talking with people about those things.

And we loved talking.

So we did. For 6 beautiful years.

Renamed it to AKT after. Social Activation Agency

We were...

✔ INDEPENDENT AND HUNGARIAN. But with international know how.

✔ YOUNG AND ADVENTUROUS. But respectful and elegant.

✔ SMALL AND ADAPTIVE. And up for inventive new solutions.

✔ FAST AND EFFECTIVE. But never superficial.

✔ OPEN AND FRIENDLY. But ever-loyal to partners.

✔ PERFECTIONIST AND PUNCTUAL. But playful when it comes to creativity.

✔ THIRSTY FOR KNOWLEDGE. And not afraid to go out and seek it.


Today with new focus: